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Pryme Class Formats


A 30 minute experience designed to help every fitness level get acclimated with the common signature PRYME flow and moves. A great introductory class to begin your PRYME YOGA journey and to become more familiar with our flow style and language.


Our signature class. A blend of vinyasa yoga, prymal breath work, intuitive movement and drumming music that will open and awaken every part of your body, mind and soul. We will work from root to rise, grounding and connecting to our primitive roots and building up to cardio clearing bursts for a complete release. This class meets you where you are on your journey and will push through limitations in order to step into your personal power and freedom. Get out of your head and drop into your body with this Transformative practice.


An invitation to slow your flow with prymal breathwork, vinyasa yoga and intentional movement to unlock and clear the stuck energy trapped in your body. This class offers prymal movement woven into a structured flow to help you work toward a peak pose of the month (at any fitness level).

Deep & Align

A restorative movement class. Learning to engage the deep muscles of the core will help students progress exponentially in their practice. This class takes you DEEP into the abdominal wall with unique and creative micro-movements to restructure the core. This low-impact class is designed to prevent injury and build strength and stability throughout the entire body.


(35-45 min) high intensity interval burner. This workout is targeted to LIFT & SHAPE your booty while strengthening the hips and toning the entire body. We use Bands for resistance during high intervals to challenge the body through all planes of motion and Yoga poses during low intervals to release the muscle group to provide both strength and length. Yoga stretching and cool down at the end.

Yogi's Choice

Instructor chooses what to teach


A rejuvenating practice that is all about slowing down and getting grounded. You’ll open your body through stretching, mindfulness and relaxation. Enjoy an extended deep meditation at the end of class.

Soundbath & Drum

A truly Transformative Experience! You will begin with a short guided-meditation to prepare your body and mind for the experience which follows. The healing power of crystal singing bowls and shamanic drums will put you into a state of deep relaxation and profound sense of peace. Let all your worries go as you are enveloped in sound and vibration. The healing frequencies and vibrations can alter brain wave patterns, dramatically reducing your stress, tension and anxiety. You will leave feeling fully relaxed, centered and recharged!

A distinctive yoga

& prymal movement experience

Bringing ancient movement

to modern life

Intentional movements

to thrive in mind & body